SOULJAZZ: The Heart of the Music

by Michael Brewin

SOULJAZZ: The Heart of the Music (ISBN: 0-9721536-0-8) presents jazz to the reader from the inside -- as musician, historian, educator, and writer Michael Brewin explains the many facets of jazz in an accessible and informative manner.  SOULJAZZ features: a comprehensive, up-to-date history of jazz (1900-present), its greatest innovators, composers and arrangers, important recordings, the instruments and styles, in-depth interviews with a variety of the world's leading jazz musicians, improvisation explained, 140 photographs of top jazz musicians (100 exclusive action photos, 25 historical, 15 misc.), and assorted charts, CD discographies, and other informational resources.  The interviews include Grammy award-winners Joshua Redman, Ray Brown, Larry Carlton, Charlie Haden, Shirley Horn, Béla Fleck, and Joe Lovano, as well as Bobby Hutcherson, John and Jeff Clayton, Russell Malone, Leroy Vinnegar, and Tonight Show bandleader Kevin Eubanks, among others.  (List Retail Price: $27.50)

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"Michael Brewin presents a thorough exploration of jazz music through scores of interviews, explanations of different playing styles and a wealth of information to help a novice start a jazz collection or an enthusiast to complete one." 


--  The Oregonian

"Part jazz history, part jazz present...SOULJAZZ will enlighten you... Or if you just want to see pictures of your favorite musicians playing from the heart, SOULJAZZ contains more than 100 evocative photos."

-- KMHD-Jazz Radio, Jazz Notes

"SOULJAZZ is a very accessible and quite intimate approach from the myriad of books on the market written on the subject, Jazz.  This endeavor will enlighten the novice about what we, as improvisers, think about while playing.  SOULJAZZ has interviews from selected significant present day players who are carrying on the lineage on their respective instruments… I highly recommend SOULJAZZ for your personal library." 

-- Rufus Reid, Famous Jazz Bassist

"SOULJAZZ gives me vivid impressions of many of my favorite players, of the grit and excitement of professional life, and the long friendships that make it all possible.  The interviews are free-ranging, personal and fresh, with marvelous accounts of life-changing events." 

-- George Barth, Pianist, Director of Keyboard Programs, Department of Music, Stanford University

 "I love the way it is organized.  You explain the music from a musician's point of view without being exclusive.  You cover a lot of contemporary players which I think is very important to move the music forward...  It is a wonderful addition to the jazz literature." 

-- Darrell Grant, Jazz Pianist, Department of Music, Portland State University

“The conversations with the musicians…prove interesting.  The chapter entitled ‘How Technology Electrified Jazz’…illuminates a topic that has previously escaped comprehensive discussion.  And a chapter on Latin music fills in some of the missing links... For students looking for a quick reference to major names and their descendants in jazz history, this book could be a starting point.”

-- JazzTimes magazine


SOULJAZZ was expressly designed to be suitable for personal, public, and academic libraries, as a jazz appreciation/history class text, or as a handy reference.  The 188 page 8.5" X 11" paperback book is sheet-press printed on coated 70 lb paper; 200 dpi resolution text and duotone photo reproduction; 12 pt. high gloss cover stock; 1.35 lbs.  Each book is individually shrink-wrapped for protection.

SOULJAZZ author Michael Brewin is a musician, composer, writer, historian, and educator.  Brewin played lead guitar in a band produced by John Lennon, has taught lead guitarists from Santana, Heart, and other groups, and has gigged with jazz-bluesman Mose Allison and musicians from the groups of Steely Dan, Miles Davis, Wynton Marsalis, and Diana Krall, etc.  He has taught college history and music, and he has also been a newspaper and jazz magazine editor.  He has produced records and appeared on television and radio broadcasts, too. 

"The best jazz around:...the Michael Brewin Trio." 

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Michael Brewin is an undiscovered Clapton."

 -  New York Ace


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